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Our Services

We looking forward to caring for your pets. All services will be done by our professional team with experience for years in pet travel business. Pet Travel Thailand can assist you for all preparation for pet travel.  Starting from microchip, vaccination, Rabies titer test or blood test for pet travel, all documents they need, flight booking and transport to your residence after arrival. We have our selected partner who able to take care of your fluffy friends everywhere in every country.

"Let your pets join every part of your journey, we make it easy!"



We assist you for all veterinary works needed for international pet travel with our vet team who familiar with the requirements

We prepare documents for international pet travel such as health certificate or import permit and transit permit if needed

Pet's Flight Arrangements

We help you arrange the flight with the airlines either you are flying as manifested cargo, excess baggage or in the cabin

Transportation Service

We collect and delivery your pets  from or to the airport to you residence or arranged pet hotel with our experience driver who has been handling pets  for many years

Travel Crate

(Airlines compliant)

The right crate is like Business Class for pets

We find the right crate for your pets

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