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Excess baggage flight arrangements

Cargo Flight Booking
Excess Baggage
Flight Arrangements

We help you arrange the flight with the airlines either you are flying your pets as manifested cargo, excess baggage or in the cabin.

Flight Arrangements

Pet in the cabin

Some airlines allow the pet owner to bring their pets in the cabin if the weight of your pet is not over 7 kg or 8 kg. Also some airlines are not allow to bring pets in the cabin such as Thai Airways.


Excess Baggage

Many airlines allow you to bring your pets as excess baggage under your flight ticket (check in at the check in counter along with you).  We help you to make sure that your selected flights are  safe  for your pet to travel.


Manifested cargo

We arrange the flight for your pets as manifested cargo if you are unable to fly with your pets incase you have to leave earlier or later. This way they will fly alone in cargo hold  which we will arrange all documents  and customs formality for you.

Some countries are not allow your pets to fly in the cabin or excess baggage such as UAE, UK, Australia, South Africa.

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