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Permits and Certificate   for International Pet Travel

We help you by preparing documents for international pet travel such as vet health certificate, export documents, or import documents  and transit documents if needed. 


All you have to do is handover your pet's records and laid back!

Neva Masquerade Cat

Export documents and Veterinary Health Certificate

Veterinary health certificates are always needed when traveling with your pet(s) either outside the country.


Veterinary health certificate is an document stating that your pet has been examined by a veterinarian and has been found free of communicable diseases or parasites, as of the day the certificate is issued. If a veterinarian is concerned that your pet has a communicable disease he/she will NOT issue a health certificate. 


Also, the certificate lists the current vaccine types and dates of administration or information require by destination country.

Cute Papillon Dog

Thailand Import Documents

If you are traveling with your pet(s) to Thailand, import documents  is require. pet(s) coming to Thailand must accompanied by a valid import documents.

Happy Puppy

Thailand Transit Documents

A transit documents is needed for dogs and cats transiting Thailand.

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